The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man


Great Bucegi SphinxThe Bucegi Mountains are located in central Romania, south of the city Brașov. They are part of the Carpathian Mountain Range that spans six European countries. The Bucegi Mountains are a popular tourist attraction because of the beauty of the natural landscape. At the Bucegi Plateau there is a large rock (8 meters in height and 12 meters in width) that is being called the Great Bucegi Sphinx (referring to the Great Sphinx of Giza) or Romanian Sphinx, that vaguely resembles a human face when viewed from a lateral position. (See image on the right.)

There also is another rock formation that is called Babele, which means "the old women", with peculiar mushroom shapes. The current shapes of the Sphinx and Babele are ascribed to the wind and rain erosion. But could it be possible be that this sphinx once looked more like a fully featured realistic face, that due to erosion was deformed to its current state?

The area also contains a variety of caves and caverns. It is believed by the Romanians that the Bucegi Mountains were the Kogainon Mountains from ancient times. Romanian legends tell about Zalmoxis (also known as Zamolxis in Romania): the supreme god of the Dacians (the ancestors of the Romanians), who would have dwelled in a cave within the Kogainon Mountains.

Ancient Greek historians and philisophers knew the Dacians as Geta (plural: Getae). In book 4 of his "Histories", the Greek historian Herodotus mentioned the divine being Zalmoxis, who originally would have been a human slave; In his dialogue "Charmides", the Greek philosopher Plato wrote that he was as a great physician who took a holistic approach to healing body and soul (psyche); And according to the Greek historian, geographer and philosopher Strabo (63 BC - 24 AD), he retreated in a cave to consult the oracles. (Source: Quoting from Wikipedia:

"Herodotus asserts that Zalmoxis was originally a human being, a slave who converted the Thracians to his beliefs. The Greeks of the Hellespont and the Black Sea tell that Zalmoxis was a slave of Pythagoras, son of Mnesarchos, on the island of Samos. After being liberated, he gathered huge wealth and, once rich, went back to his homeland. Thracians lived simple hard lives. Zalmoxis had lived among the wisest of Greeks, such as Pythagoras, and had been initiated into Ionian life and the Eleusinian Mysteries. He built a banquet hall, and received the chiefs and his fellow countrymen at a banquet. He taught that neither his guests nor their descendants would ever die, but instead would go to a place where they would live forever in a complete happiness. He then dug an underground residence. When it was finished, he disappeared from Thrace, living for three years in his underground residence. The Thracians missed him and wept, fearing him dead. The fourth year, he came back among them and thus they believed what Zalmoxis had told them."

The controversial book "Transylvanian Sunrise (2009)", by Radu Cinamar and co-authored by Peter Moon, tells about the discovery of an anomaly below the so-called Romanian Sphinx of the Bucegi Mountains in the year 2003, through the use of state-of-the-art satellite technology. According to the book, the Pentagon was able to secure an alliance with the most secret department of the Romanian Intelligence Service (which would be known as "Department Zero"), through the highest levels of Freemasonry.

The following details are from an article (with information from "Transylvanian Sunrise") from the website:

grand gallery

Together, the Romanians and the Americans would have utilized the Pentagon's secret technology to penetrate a hollow space inside of the mountain which would otherwise be inaccessible to humans. What was discovered eventually would be a large hall they called the "Grand Gallery", which was perfectly lit even though there was no visible light source. The American scientists agreed that the material of the wall inside the Grand Gallery was a mysterious combination of organic and inorganic matter. The gallery lead to a smaller dome shaped room with an energy shield they called the "Projection Room", that contained huge stone tables and apparently highly advanced technology, left by an advanced civilization. (See image on the right. Click here for a larger image.)

Following their curvature, five huge stone tables on each side were arranged along the right and left walls of the room, each 2 meters in height (6.6 feet). Because of the large size, it is presumed that the people who were using these devices probably were also very large, like giants.

According to the (currently dissolved) Romanian news paper Ziarul, there indeed would have been found huge skeletons in Romania, some 20 years ago, within a hill of the village of Scaieni, that where measuring more than 2.4 meters (7.1 feet.) (More findings of remains of giants in the chapter "The Giants".)

Precision cut-in reliefs, general symbols (like triangles and circles) and different signs of an unknown writing and characters that resembled cuneiform writing were found within the table tops, that had a fluorescent light, radiating in various colors, and different for each table. The table tops were covered with a dark-glassy material. On some of the tables there were objects which looked like technical tools. Many of these tools had white translucent wires which were connected with shiny rectangular boxes that stood on the floor. Light pulses could be seen circulating along the length of the wires.

A holographic projection with perfect three dimensional images (with a height of nearly 2.5 meters (8.2 ft.)) was automatically activated when someone approached the tables. It presented aspects of a particular scientific field, including physics, cosmology, astronomy, architecture, technology, biology, and even religion. The projections could be changed by touching the signs on the surface of the tables.

There was a podium-like area in the middle of the room which contained a device whereof scientist speculated that it might have been a device to enhance various cerebral functions.

Next to it was a command panel with geometric symbols in various colours. In the center of the panel there were two sliding levers and above the other commands was a red button. A hologram explained the purpose of the button. It showed an image of the Carpathian Mountains as seen from 25 km (15.5 miles) above, were it was seen that the lowlands and plains were flooded with water.

Behind this control panel there was a square pedestal of about 3 meters (9.1 ft.) square, on which an amphora was resting which contained a very fine white powder. The researchers found out that this power was a high purity formula of mono-atomic gold with an unknown crystalline structure. (According to Dr. Cottrell, the Ark of the Covenant would have needed mono-atomic gold to operate. See the chapter: "The Ark of the Covenant".)

In the middle of the square, behind the amphora was a huge dome that projected holograms. It showed the main aspects of humanity's past, from its beginning. According to the images projected by the hologram, 90% of mankind's official history would be false and most archaeological theories would be false; The dinosaurs did not went extinct 65 million years ago (See the chapter: "Huge Beasts"), and the old continents of Atlantis and Lemuria really existed.

In the room at the opposite side of the row of tables there were also three mysterious tunnel holes that were believed to be leading into the Inner Earth, Tibet and Giza (Egypt).

According to the book, the Romanian government decided to publicly announce the discovery, but were threatened by the U.S. presidency. Romania's official disclosure to the world would have provided photographic evidence and anything else essential for a complete clarification. Leading scientists and researches from all over the planet were to be invited for in depth studies. The official reason cited by the U.S. was not to create panic in the world.

The real reason could be very different and perhaps would be the same as why the existence of UFOs nearly always have been covered up; Militaries always strife to be forerunners in technological advancement, in order to have technology, and thus weapons, that other countries (that could be potential future adversaries) do not have, hence the top secret classifications of their latest weapons. This is probably why the operation had to be covered up despite it would be very convincing evidence of the true history of the world which had only been brought forward by psychic intuitives like Edgar Cayce. Because of the seemingly space age technology within the chamber, it is often thought that those who operated these devices must have been extraterrestrials and thus added more fuel to the fire for the Ancient Astronaut hypothesis, but if you are more familiar with Edgar Cayce's details about Atlantis, you would think they must have been Atlanteans instead.

Admitted, it is an incredible story, and it sounds like pure fantasy or science fiction. Although the book was a hit among those who were into mysteries and the paranormal, it had been largely dismissed because not a single piece of hard evidence had been brought forward by its writers to prove the extraordinary discovery. Anyway, Dr. Douglas James Cottrell - one of the most famous documented psychics in Canada - pretty much confirmed the presence of the ancient technology within this area, during a session most presumably done in the year 2016.

According to Dr. Cottrell, the ancient people of the cave were from those groups of Atlanteans that sought refuge in other parts of the world. (There were great upheavals before its second destruction). At first the cave was used for the storage of food, then for other items that would be used for delineating (the area?), then for acts of government as meeting places. This would have happened during the 10.500 BC time frame, and is also the time frame where according to Dr. Cottrell and other psychic intuitives the Great Pyramid had been build before the time of the second destruction of Atlantis. They were also used to give shelter from the large beasts that roamed on the Earth (dinosaurs) during these times.

The equipment or machinery was powered by using the energy around the hands, that would be called the aura (for lack of a better term). It used the vibration, the electrical charge of the human body. Descriptions of the Atlantean chambers and machines had been mentioned by author Lobsang Rampa in his writings.

This is possibly related to Rampa's book: "Cave of the Ancients (1963)". Quoted from page 163:

""That device, Lobsang," said my Guide, "runs by the force of the human aura. You think of rotating it and your aura puts a swirl on the thing, which causes it to turn."

Dr. Cottrell also confirmed that these people who occupied the cave were quite large, and those in antiquity had in particular a higher rate of vibration and a higher energy flow. (Source: "Dr. Douglas James Cottrell: The Bucegi Mountains - An Ancient Base?".)

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