The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man

Dr. Douglas James Cottrell about Mars

According to the sessions of trance clairvoyant Dr. Douglas James Cottrell there would have been some thirty billion years ago (when the north pole looked to the constellation of the Great Bear) intelligent life on Mars with animals, green vegetation and humanoid beings, before a huge disaster happened where the moons of Mars and Jupiter collided with each other and caused Mars to tumble; Rotating east to west but also north-east to south-west, until the planet stabilized itself. This tumbling caused fluctuations between severe heat and severe cold by which the planet could not maintain its stability and eventually became a bare dry desert. Mars also moved further out of its orbit, further away from the sun.

The humanoid Martians tried to escape in their space ships to other planets including Venus and planet Earth. Many died in this attempt, but those who arrived on Earth survived and became Earthlings. According to Dr. Cottrell there is very little difference between modern man and this "man" from Mars from these times long ago, except for the loss of muscular strength as a result of the weaker gravity on Earth compared to the gravity on Mars.

Dr. Cottrell confirmed the existence of the so called "pyramids" and other artificial structures on Mars, which, according to his sessions, were remnants of Martian architecture. There would have been built dwellings and temples, reflectors and collectors of energy (solar energy and such), and stations for magnetic and anti-magnetic distortion of the pathways or grids on the planet, such as seen in certain temples on Earth (temples, pyramids and such) where mica was found in the basis.

Author Wayne Herschel suggested before that both the structures at Abu-Sir in Egypt as the "pyramids" and the "face" on Mars, both mirrored the star cluster of the Pleiades. Did they have the intention to recreate a similar network in like on Mars?

A transcript from the first session:

"Q: There are some artificial-looking formations on the planet Mars. Was there ever intelligent life on Mars?

A: Indeed there was, before the great collisions in the heavens, you'll say.

Q: How long ago, in earth years, did intelligent life exist on Mars?

A: This is a considerable number if you would examine it, we'll have it thirty-, then we'll have six zeroes and then we have three more zeroes, as to years ago. []

Q: Was there plant and animal life on Mars as well, at the same time?

A: The answer would be with the planet itself [would] be vibrant, alive and sustained life, similar to that of Earth. In this regard we could see the planet in a different orbit than its present location and indeed there would be animals or plants; a green vegetation existing on the planet. The answer would be affirmative.

Q: Was the intelligent life human, non-human, or both?

A: Would there be humanoid life on the planet is the question, for we indicated there is animalistic life which would be non-human. We would find that there would be humanoid beings on this planet, or that it would be resemblance of the human as you would know the human in its shape or its configuration.

Q: What was the great collision in the heavens that wiped out life on Mars?

A: This would represent certain smaller orbs, or moons as you would know them. The remnants would be found around Saturn, that is due its debris, and as well there would be comets; comets and meteors, that would be somewhat the remnants of this collision. It would be preliminary as to the swinging of the moons as you would know it, and as they would collide, that it would surround Mars and Jupiter. Here in which there would be some collision; There would be a thrusting or an imbalance that allowed that of Mars to move out of its orbit or further away from the sun.

It allowed that as to the planets closest to the sun also to be marginally effected. But to Earth itself there would be a migration outward not too much in its orbit, or its elliptical path, but sufficient enough that it - as a co-habitor of life in this solar system - it allowed the planet to cool, for it was extremely hot and humid, it here with the void or "pooling away" - shall we call it - there was a shift outward.
The centrifugal force, if you would understand it in the retaining of the orbit was modulated or affected by this collision as to smaller moons, or spheres as you would see them.

Some of the pot marks on the planets - the Earths' moon for instance - and other craters or pot marks, although if it would be noticed; there are less on the planets Earth and Mars than there would be on the moon itself, but it would be an indication that some chunks came to Earth and there are large craters or pot marks on the Earth in different places. And this would be again the result of large chunks of material falling from the sky that would have decimated and travelled in all direction. But here the result being a weakness, and a shift in the orbits of the planets three or four closest to the sun.
They did shift. There was a closeness in the orbiting of Mars and Earth, but also here to Mercury and Venus, you'll say. However, this would to be as to the cause as we would observe from this perspective and going forward and backward in time, observing the events as you have directed you'll say.

Q: When did it occur?

A: It would have occurred when the north pole would have looked to the constellation of the Great Bear [Ursa Major] and it would have been.. in that, it would be thirty and seven to nine zeroes ago you'll say.

Q: Did any of Mars' inhabitants escape to Earth or other places?

A: We see during this time that there was a severe wobble and the orbiting, let us say: on a lateral direction east and west, was not quite established as the planet would tumble; rotating east and west, but also tumbling north-east to south-west, until it was stabilized. During this time we would see that there were some escaping or travelling away from the planet. We have ships or devices that would move through air and space, and these would be thrown off or cast off from the planet. These did seem to go away from the solar system as well as it would be to Earth itself. There was some migration to other planets, but it was not safe, and therefore many perished. And indeed, many remained and perished you'll say, due to the fluctuations of severe cold and severe heat and here of course the fires that raged on the planet and that of the droughts that continued thereafter. For here a planet needs a certain stability; a certain exposure to the sun to create life and to maintain it, and a fore-fraction of the rotation, which would not allow the heating and cooling to be regulated, than the planet becomes a desert you'll say.

This is evidence in the Earth as to some locations also were exposed to extreme sunlight and with dry air, soon even the Earth itself becomes dust, to give some idea of this. As to the migration or the attempts and desperation to move to other planets, you would find that some of the technologies - if you could call it that - that came into the world that would deal with magnetic and anti-magnetic vehicles or more like gravity and anti-gravity travel or understandings, were amalgamated from those minds that understood propulsion through gravitational and anti-gravitational means. But when there is rotation and an instability in rotation and these devices tend to not work so well, you'll say, for the disruption of gravity. Gravity tends to push things together and this acts as a bubble - like a bubble in water - it defies the pushing or weight of the water, as it rises to the surface. And likewise would gravity and anti-gravity means work you'll say, to give some simplistic understanding.

To the question; it would appear to be some migration to the planet Earth, which was habitable and cooling, for it did not suffer such severe rotations, or wobbling in short periods in time. It tended to change its magnetic poles, or its geographical poles, very slowly. Evidence of this would be in the magnetic lines on old mountains, or "volcanoes" you'll say; They would show historically the direction of north and south magnetic "lines" you'll say, indicating are observations here that the planet changed its rotation, changed its magnetic poles, but comparably slowly or in a more controlled way than what would be a planet spinning and tumbling, attempting to come to a rest point in its orbit, which would now a little further away from the sun.

Q: Areas currently exist on Mars with pyramid and other artificial-looking structures. Are any of these remnants of Martian architecture?

A: They are indeed, and they would find the channels and the ice caps, the remnants of great rivers that ran on the planet itself you'll say; indications of water. Then there would be found the remnants of these structures that would be historical or produced or made, rather than by natural occurrence you'll say. Hesitate to use the word "man-made", for man is of the Earth you'll say. But to the question; they have been built or constructed; Yes to the question.

Q: What other things were built?

A: Those things that would accommodate most any community: there would be dwellings, there would be machinery, and there was tapping into the ground for that of resources, there would be the consumptions of air and water and devices that would utilize the same and control the same. Those devices, or those systems, that would rule and understand the laws of nature, as would be similar used in any planet, save for that they would live more in harmony with the planet. More of a natural harmonic existence, that it would be a few hundred years prior to this time in the Earth so to speak, would be in a similar harmony, you'll say.

There would have been dwellings or buildings, temples and there would have been reflectors and collectors of energy; solar and otherwise. There would have been stations for magnetic and anti-magnetic disruption, or pathways or grids on the planet. This can be seen in certain places on the Earth; in temples in which there would be found mica in the base of the same. Likewise you would find some formations; still remnants of these substances on Mars you'll say."

(Sources used: "Douglas James Cottrell PhD: Ancient Mars - Forgotten History 1/2" and the second part, both by Rammsteinregeln.)

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