The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man

Ancient Skull Deformation

skullSkull deformation - or scientifically called: "artificial cranial deformation" - was a custom that which had been practised in the past by various groups worldwide, in Asia, Africa (e.g. Egypt), Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, Polynesia, Australia, the Americas (e.g. the Chinook and Choctaw, the Olmecs, Maya and Inca), China, Korea, the Huns and Alans in the Old World and the East Germanic tribes in Late Antiquity. Among the Chinooks, it was a sign of good mothering, and in some other cultures it was a mark of status.

PtahIt is known that skull deformation comes from binding the backside of the skull at early age to let it grow upwards in that desired shape (it normally grows to the back because of gravity). But there also had been found skulls which don't show any signs of artificial deformation, like with certain skulls of one year old infants and even yet unborn children from ancient Peru - where the binding process couldn't have started yet. The jaw of these skulls is much more prominent compared to a normal human skull and the top of the skull does not have the usual three plates.

Depictions of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten also show babies that seem to already have long craniums. There are many depictions from various ancient cultures where kings, queens, gods, and other leading figures that are shown wearing tall headgears, and perhaps these were originally used just because of their tall heads.

What was actually the original reason for the deformation of skulls? Could this practice have been the mimicking of people who looked different to ordinary man? And could there be, apart from being a mark of higher status, another practical use for having such long heads, such as the possible belief that the brain could have more room to grow bigger, so that one would perhaps become just as gifted as the "gods" they were possibly mimicking?

Did the babies of pharao Akhenaten and Nefertiti
already had long heads since birth?

Egyptian queen Nefertiti

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